Landslide book bonus in Argosy Magazine – 1968

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Argosy Men's Service Magazine - Desmond Bagley Landslide

Bagley’s Landslide appeared as a book bonus in the April 1968 issue of the magazine ‘Argosy – The No.1 Men’s Service Magazine’, Volume 366, Issue number 4, (not to be confused with Argosy – The Short Story Magazine, published in London by The Amalgamated Press Ltd).

The condensed story was published with an illustration by Lou Feck and was accompanied by the following introduction:

Landslide – In the dark past lay buried a grisly triple murder and the true identity of Bob Boyd. But it would take a brutal manhunt through the British Columbia woods – plus the violence of death – to unlock the riddle.

More can be read about the history of Argosy Magazine in my previous article ‘High Citadel book bonus in Argosy Magazine – 1965.’

The illustrator, Lou Feck, studied at the prestigious Pratt Institute’s School of Art and Design in New York City, graduating in 1950. More of Feck’s illustrations and can be seen in this interesting article ‘LOU FECK: The World’s Most Versatile Paperback Artist’ on Jefferson’s blog The Paperback Pilot.

I am indebted to Steeger Properties LLC for allowing me to publish the images accompanying this article. Lou Feck’s illustration can be seen below.

Desmond Bagley Landslide - Illustration by Lou Feck


Images Copyright © 1968, 2017 Steeger Properties, LLC. All rights reserved.