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Running Blind – The genesis of Alan Stewart

Desmond Bagley - Running Blind - Alan Stewart - Joensuu Finland © Wikimedia Creative Commons.

A rare abandoned first draft of Desmond Bagley’s novel Running Blind, discovered in the author’s archived papers, provides the back story to the novel’s protagonist Alan Stewart.

Bagley’s Iceland by road, air and sea

Desmond Bagley's Running Blind route map © HarperCollins Publishers.

A unique annotated map of Iceland, sent by Desmond Bagley to his editor in March 1970, has recently been discovered in the archives of HarperCollins Publishers. The map identifies locations mentioned in Bagley’s seventh published novel Running Blind and marks the protagonists journey around the island.

Iceland location map

Desmond Bagley Running Blind Iceland USA Edition Map © HarperCollins Publishers.

This location map, drawn by the illustrator and author David Yeadon details the locations mentioned in Bagley’s novel and appears to have only been included in the American editions of Bagley’s novel.

Vesturgata and Hafnarstræti – Reykjavík

Desmond Bagley Running Blind Restaurant Naust Reykjavik

Restaurant Naust in Vesturgata, the Nordri Travel Agency, souvenier shop and bookshop in Hafnarstræti Reykjavik. Bagley leaves us enough clues to be able to identify the locations in this part of downtown Reykjavík.


Images: © HarperCollins Publishers Ltd; © David Yeadon; © The Bagley Brief & © Wikimedia Creative Commons.