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Desmond Bagley - Writer - An Enquiry into a Novelist. The unpublished autobiography of Desmond Bagley - master of the adventure novel. Edited by Philip Eastwood with foreword by Mike Ripley.

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‘Painstakingly and lovingly reconstructed – I was both fascinated by it and grateful for it’

MIKE RIPLEY author of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

‘This is a must-read for anyone who has ever enjoyed Bagley’s work – and a primer on life as a writer – Get it.’

JEREMY DUNS author of the acclaimed Paul Dark spy novels.

The novels

The Novels of Desmond Bagley - The Bagley Brief © HarperCollins Publishers

Desmond Bagley wrote seventeen novels, fourteen of which were published in his lifetime by Collins Publishers of London. His widow, Joan Magaret Bagley completed and oversaw the posthumous publication of two further novels, Night of Error and Juggernaut. A further unpublished novel Domino Island, written under the working title ‘Because Salton Died’ was published by HarperCollins in 2019.

Explore the novels of Desmond Bagley including first edition covers and original publishers ‘blurb’.

Articles & Interviews

Read a bibliography of non-fiction articles written by Bagley including periodical publications and a list of interviews held with the author.

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Bagley on writing action fiction

In May 1973 an edition of The Writer featured an article by Desmond Bagley titled ‘Writing Action Fiction’. In this article Bagley describes, using examples from Running Blind, how he applied the three-part (three-act) structure when writing his novels.



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