Desmond Bagley - Flyaway - 1978 - Cover artist: David Leeming © HarperCollins Publishers.

Desmond Bagley - Flyaway 1978 - Cover artist: David Leeming © HarperCollins Publishers.

Flyaway was published in 1978 with a cover design by David Leeming.

Bagley has become a master of the genre, a thriller writer of intelligence and originality. Ronald Harwood, Sunday Times

The disappearance of Paul Billson, clerk in an engineering firm, seemed a minor matter to Max Stafford, head of the outside consultants responsible for security. Personal rather than security reasons seemed to be involved – until routine enquiries about Billson resulted in Stafford himself being beaten up. If the attack was meant as a warning it failed in its purpose, for Stafford had a bulldog streak. He was determined now to know who and what lay behind it. He decided to go after Billson himself.

Billson had impulsively taken off for the Sahara, where his air ace father had crashed during the London-Cape Town air race of 1936. A recent newspaper smear implied he had survived to profit from an insurance swindle. Now his unstable son was intent on finding the plane wreck to clear his father’s name, and someone else was determined he should never find it. What secret did the forty-year-old wreck contain?

For Stafford, aided by an enigmatic American who had made the desert his home, it became a race to reach Paul Billson before hired killers did; a race to locate the wrecked plane and solve the mystery; a race to return alive.

Exciting desert action, fine descriptive writing and characterization, and an exotic setting combine to make this one of super-storyteller Desmond Bagley’s best adventure novels yet.’

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