Desmond Bagley - Landslide - 1967 - Cover artist: Michael (Michel) Atkinson © HarperCollins Publishers.

Desmond Bagley - Landslide 1967 - Cover artist: Michel (Michael) Atkinson © HarperCollins Publishers.

Landslide was published in 1967 with a cover design by Michael (Michel) Atkinson.

‘Trinavant Square. The name jolted Bob Boyd like an electric shock on the day he arrived in Fort Farrell, British Columbia, to carry out a geological survey for the powerful Matterson Corporation, engaged in building a dam. The name meant something to Boyd, for, unknown to everyone in the township, he was linked to the Trinavants in a most dramatic way, and when he found that every trace of this once-ruling family had been obliterated, he began asking questions. Then he met Clare Trinavant, the last to bear the name, and knew that yet another link had been forged between him and the forgotten family.

But the Mattersons were determined to silence him or drive him out of town—and they were not particular what methods they used. In the ensuing manhunt they neglected Boyd’s expert warning that not only the dam but the entire community was in danger.

How Boyd evaded his pursuers and what lay behind the obliteration of the Trinavant name makes Desmond Bagley’s most powerful and exciting thriller yet, its sweep matched only by the grandeur of the remote Canadian lumber country in which this dramatic story is set.’

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