Night of Error

Desmond Bagley - Night of Error - 1984 - Cover artist: Donald McPherson © HarperCollins Publishers.

Desmond Bagley - Night of Error 1984 - Cover artist: Donald MacPherson © HarperCollins Publishers.

Night of Error was published posthumously in 1984 with a cover design by Donald McPherson.

‘Mike Trevelyan and his brother Mark are oceanographers and they share an obsession for the sea and discovering its secrets. Mike learns that his brother, an unscrupulous adventurer, has died on a remote atoll in the Pacific and within days the news is followed by a sinister succession of events. Mike is shadowed and then brutally attacked. The assailants ransack his brother’s possessions, but overlook two strange objects – a coded notebook and a piece of rock.

These objects set Mike and a crew of marine commandos on a dangerous trail to uncover the truth about Mark’s death. Was he murdered? Was he executed? And they prove to be the key in a hazardous search for an immense treasure of natural minerals hidden on the Pacific seabed. But the sea guards its secrets jealously and unleashes its own terrible power.

Night of Error was written in 1962 during the era of the early Desmond Bagley bestsellers such as The Golden Keel, High Citadel and Wyatt’s Hurricane. It was withheld from publication by the author as he wished to make certain revisions. As other ideas took precedence, this task was postponed.

Now twenty year later, incorporating the author’s revisionary notes, Night of Error takes its rightful place in Desmond Bagley’s list of novels.’

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