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Bibliography of non-fiction articles, periodical publications and interviews

Non-Fiction Articles

‘Desmond Bagley’ a pen portrait written by the author in May 1973 for the original publication of The Tightrope Men, republished as bonus material in The Tightrope Men & The Enemy (London: Harper, 2009).

‘The Circumstances Surrounding the Crime’ I, Witness: True Personal Encounters with Crime by Members of the Mystery Writers of America, edited by Brian Garfield (New York: Times Books, 1978), pp. 151-165. Republished as bonus material in Flyaway & Windfall (London: Harper, 2009).

‘Introduction’ to Collector’s Choice: The Golden Keel, High Citadel, The Vivero Letter, Running Blind, The Tightrope Men (London: Collins, 1979), pp. 7- 10.
Republished as ‘Postscript’ in edited form as bonus material in The Golden Keel & The Vivero Letter (London: Harper, 2009). [Note: Bagley’s own draft of this introduction is titled ‘Bagley Collectors’ Choice…….Introduction’, undated, though a covering submission letter to Collins publishers is dated 5th October 1978.]

‘Desmond Bagley’ a short author biography written by Bagley, dated April 1981 though text indicates part of it was written in August 1980. Republished as bonus material in Wyatt’s Hurricane & Bahama Crisis (London: Harper, 2009).

‘On the CWIC-3’ in Crime Writers 3rd International Congress brochure (Stockholm: Swedish Academy of Detection, 1981), p. 7.

‘Introduction’ to Crime Wave, edited by John Wynne (London: Collins, 1981; New York: Riverrun, 1981). Republished as bonus material in Wyatt’s Hurricane & Bahama Crisis (London: Harper, 2009). [Note: undated, though a covering submission letter to Collins publishers is dated 11th August 1981.]

‘Unprocessed Idea to Processed Word’ in ‘How I Write my Books’ Whodunit? A guide to Suspense & Spy Fiction edited by Keating, H.R.F.  (London: Windward, 1982 / New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., 1982), pp. 87 – 89.

Periodical Publications

Writing Action FictionWriter, 86 (Boston: The Writer Inc., 1973), Volume 86, No. 5, May 1973, pp. 11-13. Republished in Techniques of Novel Writing, edited by Abraham Saul Burack (Boston: The Writer Inc., 1973), pp. 248 – 253. [Note: An undated draft of this article was titled ‘The Beginning, the Middle, and the End’].

‘Modern Backgrounds for Today’s Novels’ Writer, 92 (Boston: The Writer Inc., 1979), Volume 92, No. 10, October 1979, pp. 18-21. [Note: An undated first draft of this article was titled – ‘Science, Technology, and the Novel’, and a second draft was titled ‘Contemporary Themes in the Novel’.]

A Little Peace of BritainIn Britain Magazine (London: The British Tourist Authority, 1980), Volume 35, No. 2, May 1980, pp. 24-25.

Bagley wrote an article about the Channel Island of Guernsey titled ‘A little peace of Britain’, which was published in February 1980, in the magazine of the British Tourist Authority In Britain. Bagley, an islander at heart, moved to Guernsey in November 1976 and came to love his new home, which is clearly evident in this article.

Desmond Bagley - 'A little peace of Britain' published February 1980 'In Britain' magazine. Courtesy & © The Chelsea Magazine Company Ltd.

‘An Old and Honorable Profession’ in “How I Write My Books” compiled by H.R.F. Keating, Writer’s Digest, 63 (Ohio: Writer’s Digest, 1983) October 1983, p. 29.


‘English author sees Gulf country as background for book’ by Jacqueline Smith The Australian Women’s Weekly (Sydney: Australian Consolidated Press, 1968), Volume 35, No. 42, 20th March 1968, p. 10.

‘A writer who came in from the cold’ Interview by Martin Collins Auckland Star (Auckland, New Zealand) February, 1968.

‘Research All Over The World’ Auckland Herald (Auckland, New Zealand) 28th February, 1968.

‘Want to buy a torpedo?’ by William Hickey Daily Express (Manchester: Express Newspapers, 1969), 30th July 1969, p. 3.

‘Fortunes in men’s eyes’ by James Michener The Guardian (London: Guardian Media Group, 1972), 23rd February 1972, p. 10.

‘Woman’s Mail: The Bagleys — travellers with a difference’ Rand Daily Mail March 1973.

‘Not just bang bang and pretty voices’ by William Raynor Radio Times (London – BBC Magazines, 1973), RT 2590, 28th June 1973, p. 10.

‘A word with Desmond Bagley’ by Deryck Harvey The Armchair Detective (Minnesota: Allen J. Hubin, 1974), Volume 7, No. 4, August 1974 pp. 258 – 260.

‘Bagley’s equation and how it sold ten million books’ by Maureen Cleave London Evening Standard (London: Associated Newspapers, 1978), 29th September 1978, p. 21. Republished as bonus material in The Snow Tiger & Night Of Error (London: Harper, 2009) pp. 687 – 693.

‘A Conversation with Desmond Bagley’ by Keith Wells Arab Times Supplement (Kuwait: Dar Al Seyassah, 1980) 30th October 1980, pp. 10 – 12.

‘Desmond Bagley’ by Bert Voskuil Nieuwe Revu (Netherlands: De Geïllustreerde Pers BV, 1981), No. 51, 18th December 1981, pp.44 – 47.

‘An interview with Desmond Bagley’ by Jane S. Bakerman The Mystery Fancier (Madison IN: Guy M. Townsend, 1983), Volume 7, No. 2, March-April 1983, pp. 13–18, 26.

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Images © & courtesy BRITAIN (formerly In Britain) magazine, The Chelsea Magazine Company Ltd.; © 1974 Allen J. Hubin [The Armchair Detective cover artwork by William Dixon]; © The Mystery Fancier, Madison IN: Guy M. Townsend, 1983.