The Snow Tiger

Desmond Bagley - Juggernaut - 1975 © Book Club Associates.

Desmond Bagley - The Snow Tiger 1975 - Cover artist: Ronald Clark © HarperCollins Publishers.

Snow is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it is a tiger in lamb’s clothing.
Matthias Zdarsky. Pioneer in avalanche studies.

A small mining community in New Zealand discovers the grim truth of this statement when ‘the snow tiger’ in the form of an avalanche rips apart and totally destroys their entire township in a matter of minutes.

In the course of the ensuing court of inquiry into the disaster, all the antagonisms and fears within the community are laid bare, and the ruthless behind-the-scenes battle for control of a multi-million-pound international mining group is exposed. The tension in the court room mounts as each survivor gives his graphic account of the terrifying sequence of events — some of them man-made – which spelled disaster.

Desmond Bagley neatly brings each strand of his story to its own brilliant climax and the novel itself to an unexpected but satisfying end.

The Snow Tiger is one of his most compelling and accomplished stories.’

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