A look at further artwork for the Desmond Bagley 2017 re-issues

Desmond Bagley 2017 Harper Collins Crime Club re-issues

Four more of Bagley’s novels due for individual re-issue in 2017 are now advertised on Amazon together with their artwork. The Tightrope Men, The Snow Tiger, The Enemy and Flyaway are due to be published on 13th July, in the third quarter of next year.

The novels, published under the Collins Crime Club Imprint, use artwork by Kevin Tweddle first used on the Fontana editions circa 1990. This artwork was then re-used around 1993 when the imprint was changed to HarperCollins and the typography became vertical. [1]

All the novels will be published in paperback and eBook (ePub, Kindle) format with the paperbacks priced at £8.99. The pre-order links for these four editions have not yet been updated with the eBook format options, which will be updated nearer to publication. As indeed will the erroneous missing ‘t’ in the spelling of Tightrope.


Amazon pre-order links: The Tightrope Men; The Snow Tiger; The Enemy; and Flyaway.

HarperCollins pre-order links: The Tightrope Men; The Snow Tiger; The Enemy; and Flyaway.

More details on the final four novels to be published in the fourth quarter of next year at a later date.

Addendum November 15, 2016

Tautness has been restored as the ‘t’ in Tightrope reappears, as they say in publishing, whoops!

Desmond Bagley 2017 re-issues - The Tightrope Men cover


1. Brawn, D. (2016). pers. comm 7th November 2016.

Cover art © HarperCollins Publishers Ltd and courtesy of David Brawn, Publishing Director – Estates.