Juggernaut 1985 - Cover artist: Steve Jones © HarperCollins Publishers.

Juggernaut was published posthumously in 1985 with a cover design by Steve Jones.

‘The juggernaut is huge: as long as a football pitch, it weighs 550 tons.
It’s task: to transport a transformer through Nyala, an oil-rich West African state.

Neil Mannix leads the Anglo-American convoy on its dangerous journey. Mannix is a troubleshooter and his London-based boss has sensed that trouble is what Mannix will find. And he does: Nyala erupts in a civil war.

The juggernaut becomes a mobile hospital for civilians and soldiers. A means of escape, a symbol of hope for the thousands of refugees who pour out of their villages to travel alongside.

In Juggernaut, a story of daring and death, of ambush and threat, Desmond Bagley is in masterful form: fast paced, intriguing and triumphant.’

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Images and first edition blurb © & courtesy of HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.

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