Polish edition

Desmond Bagley Running Blind - Polish Wydawnictwo-GiG PB Imp. 1991 © Wydawnictwo GiG.


Bagley’s novel was published in Poland by Wydawnictwo GiG, Warsaw under the title Na oślep, which translates as ‘Blindly’. The novel was translated into Polish by Grzegorz Gortat with cover illustration by Jerzy Kurczak and graphic design by Studio Q.
The paperback edition shown above was published in 1991 (ISBN 83-85085-25-4), the translation of the rear cover text reads:

Ruthless fight scenes …
Unknown assailants intercept valuable British parcel courier …
There’s a Russian agent like a ghost from the past…

Bagley is the best! – Evening Standard
Desmond Bagley with equal precision can describe a lightning striking a plane, the latest generation computer, and a gang of drug traffickers.

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Image, text courtesy & © Wydawnictwo GiG / HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.