Japanese edition

Desmond Bagley Japanese edition © Hayakawa.


Bagley’s novel was published in Japan by Hayakawa Publishing Inc., Tokyo, the novel was translated into Japanese by Tetsu Yano. The title is show in both Japanese and English, with the Japanese title translating as ‘Glacier of betrayal’.

The paperback edition shown above, (ISBN 4-15-040197-7), was published in May 1979 in 6″ x 4″ format with a dust jacket, a translation courtesy of Junko Shiobara is shown below:

Alan Stewart, a former MI6 member got an offer again from the agency. The agency contacted him after examining his past spying achievements. His duty itself was quite simple.  The agency just wanted him to deliver one thing to Iceland. The transportation course was perfectly fixed.  But unexpectedly a trap of the Soviet Union Intelligence Agency lay in waiting! While Stewart was trying to avoid all the assaults, he found out a surprising fact. Not only his ex-boss, whom he believed to be his friend, but also  the CIA was chasing him! An enigma surging through glaciers and fjords, storm of murders – the best spy action novel ever written by the hero of the adventure novel world! [sic]

The cover for the first paperback edition, also published in the same format in January 1972 by Hayakawa Publishing Inc., is shown below:


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Images, text courtesy & © Hayakawa / HarperCollins Publishers Ltd