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The Bagley Brief provides the script for the 9th Desmond Bagley Podcast featuring Running Blind.

The Desmond Bagley Podcast – No.9 Running Blind

Desmond Bagley Running Blind Collins Crime Club 2017 re-issueI was delighted when my old mucker Nigel Alefounder over at asked me to write the script for the 9th and latest Desmond Bagley Podcast featuring Bagley’s 7th published novel, Running Blind.

A firm favourite with many Bagley enthusiasts, the novel is a first person narrative espionage thriller set in Iceland. The story follows the exploits of Alan Stewart, an ex MI-6 agent, who is coerced by his former boss into delivering a mysterious package to Iceland.

The assignment begins with a simple errand, a parcel to deliver. But to Alan Stewart, standing on a deserted road in Iceland with a murdered man at his feet, it looks anything but simple. The desolate terrain is obstacle enough. But when Stewart realises he has been double-crossed and that the opposition is gaining ground, his simple mission seems impossible.

It was a pleasure to write the script for this podcast, which is narrated by Nigel, so why not pop over to his site and have a listen. Perhaps if you are not familiar with this novel the podcast might inspire you to pre-order a copy, which is due for re-issue in paperback and eBook (ePub, Kindle) format on 20th April 2017, published under the Collins Crime Club Imprint. Pre-order link available here. Also published on the same day will be The Vivero Letter, The Spoilers and The Freedom Trap.

This podcast, and others, can be found on Nigel’s own site here and will shortly be available free on iTunes, subscription link here. 

Unabridged Audiobooks


On related audio matters it was nice to see that now three of the 2017 Bagley re-issues are available as unabridged Audiobooks. Available though Amazon’s audible service priced £12.99 each (with the offer of one free Audiobook with a 30-Day trial membership), or via Apple iTunes priced at a much more affordable £6.95. Links below:

The Golden Keel, published in Audiobook format on 12th January 2017:

When the Allies invaded Southern Italy in 1943, Mussolini’s personal treasure was moved north to safety under heavily armed guard. It was never seen again. Now an expedition plans to unearth the treasure and smuggle it out of Italy. But their reckless mission is being followed – by enemies who are as powerful and ruthless as they are deadly.

Amazon audible purchase link £12.99

Apple iTunes purchase link £6.95

High Citadel, published in Audiobook format on 23rd February 2017:

When Tim O’Hara’s plane is hijacked and forced to crash-land in the middle of the Andes, his troubles are only beginning. A heavily armed group of communist soldiers intent on killing one of his passengers – an influential political figure – have orders to leave no survivors. Isolated in the biting cold of the Andes, O’Hara’s party must fight for their lives with only the most primitive weapons….

Amazon audible purchase link £12.99

Apple iTunes purchase link £6.95

Wyatt’s Hurricane, published in Audiobook format on 16th March 2017:

Ferocious Hurricane Mabel is predicted to pass harmlessly amongst the islands of the Caribbean. But David Wyatt has developed a sixth sense about hurricanes. He is convinced that Mabel will change course to strike the island of San Fernandez and its capital, St Pierre. But nobody believes him, and the hurricane is only one of the problems that threaten San Fernandez….

Amazon audible purchase link £12.99

Apple iTunes purchase link £6.95

Happy listening!


Cover art © HarperCollins Publishers Ltd and courtesy of David Brawn, Publishing Director – Estates.