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Take a few moments to browse The Bagley Brief’s Running Blind archive, there is much to discover about Desmond Bagley’s seventh published novel, a Cold War espionage thriller set in Iceland. There is much to discover, whether you have a love of Desmond Bagley, Running Blind, Iceland or all three. With well researched and informative articles the site can also act as a travelogue for those people wishing to visit Iceland.

Running Blind, published in 1970, is a first person narrative espionage thriller set in Iceland. The protagonist Alan Stewart, an ex MI-6 agent is coerced into delivering a package to Iceland. Pursued across Iceland by the KGB, the CIA and British Intelligence Stewart’s mission becomes a fight for survival.

Running Blind was Bagley’s first espionage novel and the first of his published novels to be researched on location, the consequence of which is a story displaying a detailed authenticity of background. The spectacular landscape of this island in the middle of the North Atlantic, a land of light and darkness, has been captured and utilised by Bagley to great effect. This novel bears the Bagley hallmarks of skilful narrative and detailed research.

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Desmond Bagley in Iceland

Read more about the Bagley’s research trip to Iceland in 1969 and browse newspaper articles describing their visit.

Desmond and Joan Bagley in Iceland

 The novel

Discover more about Bagley’s espionage thriller including literary locations, worldwide imprints and browse a gallery of cover art.

Desmond Bagley - Running Blind - Cover Art

The failed film production

There was nearly a movie adaptation of Running Blind, explore the background to this failed film adaptation and browse newspaper articles to discover the reasons why the project never made it past pre-production.

Desmond Bagley Icelandic media article from Timinn 15th April 1973.

 The television adaptation

Discover the history of the television adaptation through contemporary media articles and follow the adaptation from its conception, through filming, broadcast, reviews and video release.

Desmond Bagley's Running Blind - Radio Times Issue 2876/7 5th January, 1979

Filming locations

Explore the locations used during the filming of the television adaptation in 1978. Compare ‘then and now’ images and read a short history of each location.

Desmond Bagley's Running Blind - Austurstraeti, Reykjavik, Iceland

Media articles

Browse newspaper articles reporting on the filming of Running Blind from 1978 to 1980.

Desmond Bagley's Running Blind - Filming in Iceland

Media articles

Browse newspaper articles reporting on the transmission of Running Blind from 1978 to 1980.


Miscellany and Factfile

‘Whoever planned this has a mind like a pretzel, but it’s all of a piece‘ – A collection of miscellaneous articles and facts with links to Running Blind.

Desmond Bagley's Running Blind - Miscellany


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