Vísir newspaper

In episode 3 – The Deception Operation, whilst in Reykjavík, Stewart obtains a Vísir newspaper from a seller in Austurstræti, he then enters Hressingarskálinn (Hressó) located at 20 Austurstræti. There he takes coffee and a cigarette whilst watching over the Nordli travel agency opposite.

Stewart reads the front page of the newspaper, which displays an article in three blocks of copy:

An image of Stewart’s skian dubh with text under the headline; Hefurðu séð þennan hníf? (Have you seen this knife?).

An image of Jack Case’s body with text under the headline; Breskur ferðamaður stunginn til bana (British tourist stabbed to death).

Another smaller image with a further block of text and the headlines; Ert þú spámaður? – Vísir bydur 100 þúsund fyrir réttu úrslitin (Are you a prophet? – Vísir offers 100 thousand for the right results).

At one point, as seen in the gallery image, the rear page of the prop newspaper is visible, this rear page was the actual rear page for the edition of the newspaper dated 7th June 1978 [1]. Click here to view the original front and rear pages of the newspaper.

An article published by the Icelandic newspaper Dagblaðið shows an image of the filming in Austurstræti. It was published on 11th January 1979 following transmission of the first episode in the UK. The article may be viewed here and more information on the filming locations in Austurstræti can be found here.

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Images © BBC Scotland.

1. Vísir (1978). Miðvikudagur 121. tbl.68. árg (7th June 1978) © DV ehf.