Vísir 27th March 1973

‘Desmond Bagley Here’.

Desmond Bagley Icelandic media article from Visir 27th March 1973.

The famous novelist Desmond Bagley is coming to Iceland in June. He is one of five people, with him will be his wife, Jeffrey Reeves [Geoffrey Reeve], who has the right to film the book Út í óvissuna [Running Blind] and two other people as well.

The aim of the trip is to explore the possibilities for the upcoming filming of the story here, which is scheduled for the summer of ’74. The story Út í óvissuna takes place, as is well-known, in Iceland and is to be filmed in the same locations as in the novel, which includes Kleifarvatn and Ásbyrgi.

One novel by the writer has already been filmed,  Gildran [The Freedom Trap], and was completed last Christmas. Starring roles in the film are played by Paul Newman and Dominique Sanda. It will, in due course, will be shown in the Austurbæjarbiói cinema.

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