Vísir 27th April 1978

Exciting experience

Icelandic media article from April 1978 about Ragnheidur Steindorsdottir and her role in the BBC Scotland adaptation of Desmond Bagley's novel Running Blind.

“Exciting experience”

– Says Ragnheiður Steindórsdóttir, who plays the lead role in a three 50-minute episode series, that the BBC will be filming in Iceland this summer.

“I have received notification that if I apply, I will be the lead female role in these episodes”, said actress Ragnheiður Steindórsdóttir, in a conversation with Vísir. The series she is talking about is a BBC production of Desmond Bagley’s novel, Út í óvissuna [Running Blind].

“The contract is most likely on its way to the country,” said Ragnheiður, “so although this has not been finalised, I still strongly expect that I will play this role.”

“The script is very similar to the book that was published in Iceland, except for what they will be adding to it in order to connect the three episodes better”, said Ragnheiður.

The episodes will be filmed mostly in Iceland, but a short scene will be filmed in Scotland. According to Ragnheiður, filming will commence in the middle of May, then the team will come to Iceland and work here.

It is planned to have more Icelandic actors in smaller roles in the series, but nothing has yet been decided. All speech in the film will be in English except for a few sentences.

Ragnheiður also siad that she does not see big Hollywood star dreams for the future . “I really just see this as an exciting experience,” she said, “I do not have any ideas about world fame, as I do not know if it’s something worth pursuing”.


Image title: Ragnheiður in her role in Skáld-Rósa which is currently showing at Leikfélag Reykjavík.

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