Vísir 11th January 1979

“Her only drawback is her name” – Says fellow actor about Ragnheiður Steindórsdóttir in an interview with The Sun concerning the TV series Út í óvissuna.

Desmond Bagley Running Blind Icelandic media article from Visir 11th January 1979.

The British press paid considerable attention to last weekend’s episode of the series Út í óvissuna or [Running Blind], based on Desmond Bagley’s novel. The three-part series was filmed in Iceland last summer and the first part was shown on BBC-1 on Friday evening. Starring in the series are Stuart Wilson, George Sewell, Vladek Sheybal and Ragnheiður Steindórsdóttir.

“It was tough going for the stars and film crews who went off to film in Iceland,” says an article in the Daily Mirror about the series. Sewell, Wilson and Sheybal gritted their teeth, the newspaper said, but one actor is happy and enjoyed it. “She is Iceland’s leading actress Heiða Steindórsdóttir, who makes her British TV debut in this series.” The Daily Mirror also published an image of Ragnheiður.

“Smashing girl”

“Stand by for more snow tonight” The Sun says at the beginning of its article (referring to the snow recently experienced in the UK and, presumably, that captured on film during their visit in the summer!).

The majority of the articles in the British papers talk about the filming in Iceland. Among other things, they had to live in tents for long periods in the remote regions of North Iceland. “But there were compensations,” said The Sun. The story has Wilson, 31, falling in love with 25-year-old blonde beauty, Heiða Steindórsdóttir, Iceland’s leading actress.

“She’s a smashing girl,” said Wilson. “Her only drawback is her name. Most of us can’t pronounce it” the star told The Sun.

The story concerns a former British secret agent who is blackmailed by his old boss into doing one more job, taking him to Iceland, and of course, awaiting him is danger and love.


Image title: This is what The Sun and Daily Mirror siad about the first episode of Út í óvissuna.

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