Vísir 10th January 1979

Út í óvissuna premiered on the BBC
– uncertainty regarding screening here

Desmond Bagley Running Blind Icelandic media article from Visir 10th Janaury 1979.

On Friday the first part of the television series Running Blind premiered on British television’s BBC.

Út í óvissuna, as the series is called in Icelandic, was filmed in Iceland. Several Icelanders have roles in the series, including Ragnheiður Steindórsdóttir, who plays the second lead role.

Þórður Einarsson, Ambassador at the Icelandic embassy in London, said that the reviews of the episode are quite positive in the papers. Because the film is in three parts, the review is not detailed and of a very general nature.

The reviews do not mention the performance of individual actors, but specific mention of the environment, in which the film was taken. The landscape is considered very innovative, said Þórður Einarsson.

Screening here not certain

“Nothing has been decided, as to when the series will be shown on Icelandic television. It has not even been decided whether the film will be screened here”, said Tage Ammendrup, television production manager.

“There was no cooperation with Icelandic television when the series was made, except to grant the British access to facilities.”

The series was made by BBC Scotland, and filming was completed in Iceland on 18 July last summer.


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