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The 1975 abridged edition of Running Blind (ISBN was 0-09-123331-3), with cover illustration was by Oliver Elmes, was licensed to Hutchinson & Co. Ltd by HarperCollins for their Bulls-Eye series of paperbacks for young readers. The abridgement was by Michael Thomas and it was believed to be available for about five years [1].

In this edition the novel was abridged into 39 titled chapters listed below:
1. Alone in Iceland
2. Surprise Attack
3. A Surprise for Elin
4. The Watcher
5. Trouble at Akureyri
6. A Surprise for Buchner
7. Slade
8. No Secrets from Elin
9. Slade in Scotland
10. More of the Truth
11. Suspicion
12. Ambush in the Dark
13. Escape from Asbyrgi
14. Through the Wasteland
15. Taggart Tells Enough
16. What is Slade?
17. Seen from the Air
18. One-Way Track
19. Danger Arrives
20. No Rest for Elin
21. Ambush
22. Kennikin Arrives
23. No Answer
24. Help from a Friend
25. Meeting with Jack Case
26. Attack in the Dark
27. The Sharp Knife
28. Meeting of Old Friends
29. Back with Elin
30. Help from Valtyr
31. To Reykjavik by Sea
32. All Tests Fail
33. No More Running
34. Strange Meeting
35. Slade for Elin
36. The Lion’s Den
37. Elin to the Rescue
38. Final Battle
39. Last Round

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Image, text courtesy & © of HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.

1. Brawn, D. (2015) pers. Comm. 5th Jan 2015