Tíminn 30th January 1980

Television 21.00: Út í óvissuna

Desmond Bagley Running Blind Icelandic media article from Timinn 30th January 1980.

A British spy series in three episodes, based on the eponymous bestselling book by Desmond Bagley. Another episode. Recap of the first episode: A senior member of the British secret service, Slade, forces Alan Stewart, his former employee, to undertake a mission in Iceland for the service. He is supposed to transport a package from Keflavík to Húsavík, but instead lets his girlfriend Elín, unknowingly, transport the parcel by land. Alan is ambushed at Húsavík and an attempt is made to steal the package. He fails to hand over the real package and then he and Elín travel to Ásbyrgi. There Graham, Slade’s scout, attacks them, and Alan and is hurt badly.

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