Þjóðviljinn 6th February 1980

Television 21.15: Út í óvissuna

Desmond Bagley Running Blind Icelandic media article from Thjodviljinn 2nd February 1980.

A British spy series in three episodes, based on a story by Desmond Bagley. The third and final part. In the previous episode: Alan and Elín decided to go south with the package, which turned out to contain strange electronic equipment. Russian spies chased them, and two Americans attacked them on the way. Taggart instructed Alan to deliver the package to Jack Case. The Russians attacked them and Alan looked into the barrel of a gun belonging to his arch enemy, the Russian spy Kennikin. Subtitles Dora Hafsteinsdóttir.

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  1. ‘Sjónvarp – Út í óvissuna’: Þjóðviljinn, 6 February 1980, p. 14.