TF-HOF Piper PA-23-160 apache

This Piper PA-23-160 Apache, construction number 23-1487, was manufactured in 1958, a four-seater aircraft capable of carrying three passengers [1]. It was exported to Iceland from the USA on 19th July 1967 the last registrant in the USA being Henderson CF, Hackensack, New Jersey where it bore the ‘N’ number N4012P. [2]

The aircraft was registered in Iceland on 21st July 1967 by Guðmunder Sigurbergsson [1].  An article in Vísir newspaper on 21st January 1975 [3] reports that following a helicopter accident in Kjalarnesið TF-HOF, flying in the location of the crash shortly afterwards, had experienced high turbulence in the area offering a possible explanation for the accident.

In 1978 the aircraft was sold to another Icelander Ómar Þ. Ragnarsson. It was Ómar that piloted the aircraft during the filming of Running Blind and appears himself in the film talking to the character ‘Slade’ who is a passenger in the aircraft. Ómar, a famous entertainer, television personality and journalist, explains in an article in Dagblaðið Vísir newspaper on 2nd September 1985 [4] that he has established an airline company specialising in service and tourist flights, assisting with search and rescue missions and particularly aerial photography. The article indicates that Ómar has been qualified professionally for nearly two decades and has also worked as a flight instructor. The article may be viewed here.

On 30th October 2005 an image of the wreck of TF-HOF [5] was taken at Reykjavík airport in front of Hotel Loftleiðir. The text indicates that Ómar Þorfinnur Ragnarsson had crashed a small number of his aircraft and this one was due to be broken up and scrapped. The image may be viewed here.

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Images © BBC Scotland, © Baldur Sveinsson 12th September 1976 Reykjavík RKV/BIRK

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