TF-EPP Piper PA-31 navajo

This Piper PA-31 Navajo, construction number 31-373, was manufactured in 1969, an eight-seater aircraft capable of carrying seven passengers. It was the second PA-31 to be registered in Iceland, taken into service with the domestic airline Flugstöðin hf. and registered on 11th March 1974. The person seen taxiing the aircraft during filming is wearing the uniform of an airline Captain and most likely worked for the company Flugstöðin hf. [1,2]

An article in Vísir dated 2nd March 1974 indicates that this aircraft was the first in Iceland to be fitted with an ‘ELT’ (Emergency Locator Transmitter) and the aircraft arrived in Iceland on 1st March 1974 [3].The article may be viewed here.

In 1979 the aircraft was registered under the number TF-VLF and taken into service with the domestic airline Arnaflug hf. (Eagle Air of Iceland), and its trim colour was changed from red and black to green and black.

The aircraft was sold to a buyer in the USA in August 1980 [1,2]. The Aviation database [4] provides this additional information:

The aircraft was assigned ‘N’ number N236BC and was fitted with a Lycoming T10-540 SER Engine. It was taken into service with Atlantic Airways Inc. Cape Coral, Florida USA who are shown as the registrants from 22nd November 1999 until present.

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Images © BBC Scotland, © Baldur Sveinsson 18th March 1979 Reykjavík RKV/BIRK

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