Skólabrú, Reykjavík

Stewart, driving Nordlinger’s car, travels to his meeting in Austurstræti Reykjavík and can be seen driving down Skólabrú. In the production still two main buildings can be seen.
Firstly, nearest the junction with Lækjargata, and before the junction with Pósthússtræti, the red-roofed building. Built in 1907 by the Surgeon General of Iceland Jónas Jonassen, for his daughter Sofia. This house now has a green roof and is the Skólabrú restaurant.
Secondly, further down into what becomes Kirkjutorg, Dómkirkjan (Reykjavík Cathedral) can be seen.

Reykjavík Cathedral was built in neoclassical style between 1787 and 1796 to a design by Andreas Kirkerup. It was consecrated in 1796 and was the first building to be built specifically with the fact in mind that Reykjavík was to become the capital of the country. Between 1847 and 1848 it was enlarged in post-classical style in accordance with a design by Winstrup and in 1999-2000 the cathedral was restored, to plans by Þorsteinn Gunnarsson. [1]

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Images © BBC Scotland, © The Bagley Brief.

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