Morgunblaðið 6th March 1973

‘Bagley’s Bestseller to be filmed here – The estimated cost is 360 million. kr.’

Desmond Bagley Icelandic media article from Morgunbladid 6th March 1973.

It looks like Desmond Bagley’s story Út í óvissuna, which is set in Iceland, will be filmed in Iceland in the summer of 1974. The author has recently written to his publisher in Iceland, Torfi Ólafsson, and informed him of these intentions.

According to the letter, Bagley is expected to arrive on 11th June with his wife, film producer Geoffrey Reeve and two technicians, and they plan to stay here for a week to find suitable locations for filming, and it is planned that the film will be shot entirely in Iceland. The author expects the group to be 3 days in Reykjavík, and surrounding area, and another three days in Akureyri, as the story takes place to some extent in both of these places. However the story mainly describes a great chase across the highlands – from Akureyri to Reykjavík.

This story, called Running Blind in the original language, became very popular in the UK and sold about 230 thousand copies there. Bagley’s other book Gildran [The Freedom Trap], has also recently been filmed, starring Paul Newman and Dominique Sanda. This film is coming to Austurbæjarbíós cinema soon. Geoffrey Reeve is a well-known film producer, and is currently in France overseeing the production of Alistair McLean’s novel – Caravan to Vaccares. Reeve intends to spend up to one and a half million pounds to make this picture, or about 360 million Icelandic króna.

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