Morgunblaðið 30th January 1980

TV tonight at nine: ‘Out into the unknown’ continues

Desmond Bagley Running Blind Icelandic media article from Morgunbladid 30th January 1980.

The third part of three of ‘Out into the unknown’ is on television this evening, starting at 21.00. This British spy series from the BBC is based on the novel by Desmond Bagley, and is set to a large extent in Iceland.

There are a number of Icelanders playing roles in the series, however, these are rather small, but Ragnheiður Steindórsdóttir has a major role; Elín, girlfriend of the Scottish spy hero.

Image title: Ragnheiður Steindórsdóttir actress.

Image: Ragnar Axelsson.

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