Morgunblaðið 19th August 1979

Filming postponed
– due to protests by British Actors’ Association

Article on BBC tv series The Assassination Run from Icelandic Newspaper Morgunbladid 19th August 1979.

“I flew to Spain for three weeks, then went to the Westman Islands and north Svarfaðardalur to watch the filming of ‘Land og Synir’ [Land and Sons]“, said Ragnheiður Steindórsdóttir when we asked her how she had spent her summer vacation. But as most people no doubt remember she played the lead role in Desmond Bagley’s spy story Út í óvissuna [Running Blind], which was filmed in Iceland last summer by the BBC.

It was planned that Ragnheiður would play the lead role in another three-part series, which was supposed to be a kind of sequel to the previous one, and the filming was supposed to have taken place in Spain this summer. According to Ragnheiður, that didn’t happen, as the British Actors’ Association [Equity] objected to a foreign actress taking on the role, on the premise that there were plenty of unemployed British actresses who had more of a right to the role than Ragnheiður. Filming was therefore postponed, but Ragnheiður said she had little faith that this would go ahead, and she said she had actually written off her role in the series.

In the meantime, Ragnheiður has started rehearsals with Iðnó, where she will act in a recent British play, which will be shown this winter.

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