Morgunblaðið 15th August 1969

‘Writer Desmond Bagley: Icelandic setting’.

Desmond Bagley Icelandic media article from Morgunbladid 15th August 1969.

Many Icelanders surely recognise the novel Skriðan, (Landslide) which was released last Christmas. The author of this book, Englishman Desmond Bagley, is now traveling in Iceland in search of the history of the area and ideas for a new story. Bagley arrived with his wife on 22nd July and will stay here until Saturday (16th August).

Bagley has written six books and four have been published in Icelandic, Fjallavirkið (High Citadel), Fellibylur (Wyatt’s Hurricane), Gullkjölurinn (The Golden Keel), and Skriðan (Landslide). He is now working on a book, which takes place in Antarctica, but will then start work on the book set in Iceland.

Desmond Bagley was born in England in 1923, and has had various jobs in his life. He studied Printing, worked in mining, became a journalist and finally turned to writing books, which have been very popular. Bagley’s books have been translated into 15 languages and there are plans to make films of some of his stories.

During the interview, Bagley said that Iceland is a good location, the setting and in particular the lava and volcanoes. However, he had no intention to integrate The Icelandic Ring Trinity (Lord of the Rings) into the story, because he had enough of it in England.

Bagley would not say what the plot would be for the forthcoming novel. “If I start to explain the story, I would not know until I was ready to give away everything up on the progress, and then the story would not be exciting anymore”.

From here the couple returned to England, where Bagley will continue to work on his book set in Antarctica.

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Image Caption: Writer Desmond Bagley and his wife

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