Morgunblaðið 11th May 1975

Charlotte Rampling in Caravan to Vaccarès, but filming of Running Blind in this country in the summer is not taking place.

Desmond Bagley Icelandic media article from Morgunbladid 11th May 1975.

1) Liaison people from the foreign film company are currently in this country, said Gisli Gestsson, who has spoken with the foreign visitors to ascertain if there are any changes in their circumstances. These same people produced the previous movie Caravan to Vaccarès but it appears the cost of it exceeded expectations and since Running Blind was supposed to be more expensive, the producers are quite simply in financial difficulties. The filming will now not take place this summer. However Gisli also pointed out two other reasons for the reluctance of the foreign company to make the picture here. First, they are appalled by the absolute lack of facilities, which has resulted in very significant extra expense for them (they have for example, to bring all the equipment with them because they are not able to rent some equipment here). Second, the high rate of inflation is a major obstacle for the foreign film company.

Caravan to Vaccarès, by Alistair McLean, is making history and the film has been showing in the country for a while, but Hafnarbíomun, in the near future, will show it with Icelandic Subtitles. The director is Geoffrey Reeve.

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