Dagur 12th May 1978

Shooting at cars from B.A.


The British Broadcasting Service (BBC) has decided to make a film of the novel by Desmond Bagley – Út í óvissuna [Running Blind]. Filming will take place in the north and the BBC have commissioned ‘Bílalelgu Akureyrar’ to provide hire cars that will be used in the film. It was necessary also to rent a mechanic, as there is a lot of shooting in the film and someone needs to be able to fit new windows in one of the cars. The film crew are expected to arrive in Iceland at the end of the month and will be filming for over a month.

“The BBC has ordered 10 to 15 cars to be hired for a variable time. The film crew have asked that we get a new Opel and 2 or 3 Windscreens in addition. Also, that we provide a long wheel base Land-Rover with a radio and a refrigerator, as the story tells of a man who gets a beer out of the fridge on the Sprengisandur” said Vilhelm Ágústsson one of the owners of car hire firm ‘Bílaleigu Akureyrar’.

It has been decided to hire some Icelandic actors to take on roles in the film. The BBC will produce Út í óvissuna as a series. Currently they are filming in Scotland, but the main storyline is set in this country. According to the series producer, Robert Mackintosh, the episodes will not be finished until the beginning of winter and the series will be shown shortly after its completion. The BBC is known for its high-quality production and it is expected that Icelandic television will strive to broadcast this series themselves.

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