Dagblaðið 30th January 1980

Out into the unknown – television 21.00: Chase in the highlands

Desmond Bagley Running Blind Icelandic media article from Dagbladid 30th January 1980.“Elín and Alan make their way through the highlands in the episode tonight. The conflict grows as they are pursued”, Dóra Hasteinsdóttir, translator of Out into the unknown, tells DB.

“Alan is in contact via radio with the intelligence chief in the UK. He tells him that he does not trust Slade with the package. The man promises to send another person and the episode continues”, said Dóra about tonight’s episode.

For those who missed the last episode, here’s a quick recap of what happened: The show began in Scotland. A senior official of British intelligence forces former employee, Alan Stewart, to take a package to Iceland.

He is told to take the package to Húsavík. Upon arrival at the airport Alan is told to go via way of Krýsuvík. On the way, he is attacked and the attacker is shot during the fight.

Alan visits his girlfriend, Elín, in Reykjavík. They both decide to go to Húsavík. He flies but lets Elín, unknowingly, transfer the package overland. Alan arrives at Húsavík and an attempt is made to steal the package. He refuses to deliver the real package and then he and Elín travel on to Ásbyrgi.

Once there Alan discovers that a tracking device has been installed in the car. A short while later Graham, Slade’s scout, attacks Alan and is badly hurt.

Starring in the show are Stuart Wilson and Ragnheiður Steindórsdóttir.


Image: DB Hörður.

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1. Dagblaðið (1980) ‘Eltingaleikur um hálendið’ (30th January 1980 p. 23) © DV ehf.