Dagblaðið 18th April 1978

British spy out the land for television series – Út í óvissuna comes to the screen

Desmond Bagley Running Blind Icelandic media article from Dagbladid 19th April 1978.

Three Britons were in Iceland this week exploring the feasibility for filming a television adaptation of Desmond Bagley’s novel Út í óvissuna [Running Blind]. They will return in the summer with all their equipment and will be here for five to six weeks of shooting. Another visit will be planned for this autumn.

As those who have read Út í óvissuna will know, the story is set in both Iceland and Scotland. The events that happen in Iceland take place in Reykjavík and north in Þingeyjarsýsla, more specifically, Mývatn and Ásbyrgi. The British were in the north this week looking for ways to film the topography and according to Svein Sæmundsson, Flugleiða’s press officer, they liked everything.

Originally it had been planned to make a film of the novel and Desmond Bagley himself was to have visited, however he became ill and nothing happened. Although he is now in good health, and living in Switzerland, for some reason the film was cancelled. Instead, a three-part television series will be made, and the three men from the BBC will produce it.


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