Dagblaðið 11th January 1979

Out into the unknown – British critics reaction to the first episode

Desmond Bagley's Running Blind Icelandic media article from Dagbladid 11th January 1979.

As is well-known, people from BBC Scotland television were here last summer shooting a spy story by Desmond Bagley, Running Blind, which has been called in Icelandic ‘Out into the unknown’ and is set in this country. In addition to the British TV stars – like Stuart Wilson, George Sewell and Vladek Shebal, Icelandic actors were also recruited to the production and the part played by Rangnheiður Steindórsóttir is one of the largest. The part she plays is an Icelandic woman, Elín. Also playing is Steindór Hjörleifsson and there are others involved. Jack Gerson wrote the screenplay and it will be shown in several parts this month on the BBC. The first episode was shown last Friday and now DB reviews it. To many, there is much trivial content where most familiar tactics are used. The Daily Telegraph calls the episode a ‘knock about spy story’ and ‘nonsensical’ but gives the impression, however, that it is not boring. When it goes into the Icelandic landscape one can enjoy a car chase balanced with numerous opportunities to explore the landscape. No other people have commented on the show. DB will monitor further British media response to these episodes.

Photo: DB-Hörður

Caption: Filming in Austurstræti last summer. The actor walking in Austurstræti stops to buy a newspaper from the newsboy before entering Hressó cafe.

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