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Explore the novels of Desmond Bagley including first edition covers and original publishers ‘blurb’.

Domino Island


The unpublished thriller by the master of the genre

Discovered after more than 40 years, a vintage action-adventure novel by one of the world’s most successful thriller writers, involving murder, corruption and a daring hijack in the Caribbean.

Discover the background to Bagley’s latest novel in:

Domino Island: A History

‘What a wonderful book! Domino Island ticks all the boxes for top-notch thriller writing: a plot that unfolds quick as a race car (or I should say Learjet?), exotic locales, intrigue that draws us into manor houses, posh hotels, and the high seats of government, and a protagonist for all time, Bill Kemp—part James Bond, part Philip Marlowe, and all hero. A brilliant and timeless novel.’ Jeffery Deaver

‘Desmond Bagley was a gifted exponent of the action thriller, and the discovery of his previously unpublished novel Domino Island is a delightful find. Bagley blends a whodunit mystery with a characteristically fast-paced adventure story set on a Caribbean island, with entertaining results.’
Martin Edwards, author of Gallows Court and The Golden Age of Murder.

‘British writers dominated the action thriller genre in the Sixties and Seventies, as if to show that, even post-Empire, we could still police the world, if only on paper. Leading our mega-sellers was Desmond Bagley, whose thrillers featured cucumber-cool Brits sorting out trouble in unusually well-realised exotic locations.’ Jake Kerridge

The seventeenth Bagley novel is now available in Hardcover, Paperback, eBook and Audiobook.

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The 2017 re-issues

The Bagley Brief interviews authors Peter James, Jeremy Duns and Caro Ramsay, all admirers of Desmond Bagley's novels.

2017 saw the re-issue of the novels in paperback, eBook and audio book format. Read interviews with established authors Peter James, Jeremy Duns and Caro Ramsay, all admirers of Bagley’s novels.

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Articles and Interviews bibliography

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A bibliography of non-fiction articles, periodical publications and interviews

Bagley on writing action fiction


Read an article about Bagley’s thoughts on writing action fiction

The Running Blind Archive

Desmond Bagley's Running Blind - Visit the archive on The Bagley Brief.

The definitive online archive for Bagley’s Cold War espionage thriller set in Iceland. There is much to discover, whether you have a love of Desmond Bagley, Running Blind, Iceland or all three.

With well researched and informative articles the archive can also act as a travelogue for those people wishing to visit Iceland.