Stewart meets Jack Case on the Akranes ferry Akraborg, which is travelling from Akranes to Reykjavík.

Akranes gained municipal rights in 1941, its main activities are fishing, fish processing, commerce and industy, e.g. a cement factory. It is the chimney of the ‘Sement’ factory that can be seen in the background in the production still.

Akraborg operated as a ferry between Akranes and Reykjavík until September 1984 when she was sold for the need of a bigger ferry. The ship that replaced Akraborg took the same name and remained in service until 1998 when it was no longer required due to the opening of the Hvalfjörður Tunnel (Hvalfjarðargöng). This tunnel, part of Iceland’s Route 1 ring road is 5,770m long reaching a depth of 165m below sea level. It opened on 11th July 1998 and the journey to pass the fjord now takes 7 minutes. More can be read about the vessel Akraborg here.

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