2017 Unabridged Audio book releases

Desmond Bagley - The Golden Keel - Audio Book

2017 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for Desmond Bagley fans, as now not only do we have individual re-issues in paperback and eBook (ePub, Kindle) format to look forward to but also unabridged audio books. Yes, I can't quite believe I'm writing it... unabridged audio books. Excellent decision HarperCollinsPublishers! The Golden Keel in [...]

The Desmond Bagley Podcast

The Desmond Bagley Podcast

I hope you might have all noticed that my old mucker Nigel Alefounder over at desmondbagley.co.uk has been putting out some pretty excellent podcasts lately. Well the good news is that they are now available via iTunes, so it’s very easy to subscribe and currently five episodes are available. The first is an introduction to [...]